Hi there! Welcome to the Evil Genius blog.

Consider this post your guided tour of all there is to do and see around here.

I’m Rose, your resident Evil Genius and head of Evil Genius Creative Solutions.

I’m also a digital artist and the author of The Foxes of Synn.

  • By day, I help multi-passionate women learn to harness their creative gifts, own their power, and see their hardships as their greatest assets so they can kick ass, take names, and start living the lives they want.
  • By night, I create digital paper, quirky abstract art products, and premade graphic packages for ladybosses who are more into grunge than flowers and office supplies.

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This is a blog about art and being an artist in a digital age.
Things you’ll find:

  • Art–Duh.  Mine and others as I find cool things to share.
  • Art Resources–Textures, papercraft supplies, fonts, stock photography.  Things you might want when you make art.  I try to quality check before I recommend anything.
  • Blogging and business tips–Because if you’re an artist in the 21st century and you don’t want to starve, you need to know this shit.  I’ve been selling online and consulting for creatives who want to make a living since 2006.
  • Hodge podge of my life and stuff I enjoy because it’s my blog and I get bored talking about the same thing all the damn time.

Here are some things I’ve talked about before:


Here’s the 2017 Blog Schedule, if you’re interested in a particular topic or category.

How to Blog In Ten Minutes A Day


Are you short on time or trying to write your blog content while balancing 900 other commitments? This is how I’ve kept a blog going through life threatening illness, a sibling who got 3rd degree burns on half his body, and more:

Batch your blogging tasks. (Yes, it’s really that simple.)

  • If you have 10 minutes, write out a bunch of blog post titles. (Realize some of them will be crap.)
  • The next time you have 10 minutes, take a few of the titles and write out subheads.
  • The next time, write body paragraphs.
  • The next time, search for images, and so forth.

Because you’re only focused on ONE aspect of prepping posts, you’re able to narrow your attention and have less to think about, so you get more done.


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Blog planning sheet 2

Premade Cover Set

I decided to turn last week’s premade into a set. I’m still seeing these as a Scifi or Fantasy Cover concept.  Text is starting to grow own me.  Next week, I’ll make the associated social media images.

Premade Scifi Fantasy Book covers with colored spheres in center


Interested in this cover set? Email: rosebfischer1 (at) gmail (dot) com.

  •  Starts at $75 for one ebook edition and $140 for digital and print.
  • $50 for each additional ebook edition and $100 for each additional print cover.


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[Freebie Friday] Free Social Media Templates!

Six free coordinating social media templates that you can use to help yourself stand out online with a cohesive look and presence.  I’ll be releasing a new set every Friday in July!

The full sized versions of these templates are 1200×1200 pixels, perfect for use on Instagram and your other social media accounts!


4 More Free coordinating Social Media Templates


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