#JemtheMovie is No More: Fuck You, Universal

Jem_So, I’ve just heard that Jem and the Holograms, a live-action film by Universal Studios that was nominally based on a popular 80s cartoon has been pulled from the theaters after two weeks. By all reports, the film was a spectacular failure. I didn’t even know the movie had come out yet, but judging from fan reaction, I can tell you why it flopped.

  • The storyline, aesthetic, musical style, and format have nothing — and I mean nothing – in common with the source material. Why would you remake a huge 80s franchise without even attempting to court its fanbase? Why?
  • Literally ALL the movie hype I’ve seen/heard lately has been Star Wars related. Universal seems to have done little to get the word out and get Jem fans to the theaters.
  • What marketing has been done was primarily to teen girls NOW. Why not market the movie to its original audience–who are now adults with jobs and an interest in seeing reboots of 80s/90s cartoons?

We’ve got a million and one superhero movies. There are TONS of cartoons that were marketed to boys in the 80s being remade now. But hey, let’s remake one of the only action oriented cartoons marketed to girls EVER, strip it of anything recognizable, and hope today’s girls will get into it. Right. Reads like a typical self-fullfilling prophecy of “female protagonists don’t sell” to me.