Break your goals into actionable steps–That you will stick to!




Break your goals into actionable steps.

If your goal is “I’m going to finish this novel,” what steps will you take? Some people use word count goals.  I prefer scene or chapter goals, which are a better measure of my story’s progress than how many words I’ve written.  If my outline says there are 12 chapters, my goal might be to finish one chapter per month.

Your outline system might be different–or you might be a pantser.  Find steps that work for you and stick to them. And if you go several weeks or a month without accomplishing your intention, sit down and figure something else out! Don’t keep trying to do the same thing if you can’t be consistent about it–even if you get an emotional boost when you do it–it’s not helping you complete your goal.

I see this a lot:

“I like doing (whatever ) because when I do it I feel excited and motivated and finish stuff…”

Oops, didn’t get to it this month.

Oops, next month!


OMG, I haven’t written in four months! *guilt*”

Dude. This is a waste of time and emotional energy. Find something that you can stick to even when you don’t want to or it’s hard.  You don’t have to give up the “fun” thing–but don’t use it as your motivational system.