New Year’s Resolutons

I’m participating in several blog challenges and activities this month.
This post is part of Blogher’s Writing Lab #Postaday on WordPress, and’s 30 Day Challenge.

My prompt response posts will all be roughly 100-200 words, and I’ll be compiling them as potential essay fodder later in the year.Since I’m compiling these in advance, I used older prompts.

What are your resolutions for the new year? Tell us how you picked them.

A small disclaimer before I start:
I write and schedule all of my blog post ahead, so this post is being written on November 17, 2015. For all I know, by the time the post goes live, my whole life will have changed and I’ll have to make new resolutions. But these are the ones I have right now, and if something happens to change them, I probably won’t be able to write about it until July. Take that as an example of what my life is actually like. I’ll have a longer post about how I picked them later in the month.

  •  Stop saying the word “actually” all the time. Because it’s actually annoying.
  •  Sleep more. Because I’m almost 40 and I’m tired.
  • Make two new friends by the end of the year. Because my old ones are getting worn out and creaky. They talk about boring things like graduate school and politics and mortgages when I want to talk about cartoons and candy and Adam Lambert. I need to be friends with 10-year-olds.
  •  Blog smarter. Because I have tons and tons of blog content just sitting on my computer that never gets posted because I write it all in HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE lumps and then don’t want to re-read and figure out if it’s any good or I notice that even I wouldn’t read the whole thing…and…just…ugh. I miss blogging every day, but I can’t sustain the blog on 2000 word stream of consciousness posts every day and 5000 word essays every month.
  •   Look at more pictures of dogs on the internet.  Because I like dogs, and dogs make me happy. Here are some dogs:
  • dog5
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  • What are your resolutions? Tell me in the comments!