6 Author Blogs You Need to Read: Zero to Hero Day 3

If you’re a fiction writer who is new to blogging or considering starting a blog, today’s post is for you. These are my favorite writer-owned websites/blogs.

  • Write On Sisters is my go to site for practical writing advice. Robin and Heather write from their experiences and share lots of valueable, time-saving tips. Their latest post is on goal setting, which fits the theme around here too.
  • Fantasy author Holly Lisle has written a long, long list of novels since Fire In the Mist debuted in 1991. I’ve been reading her blog and writing workshops since the early 2000‘s. I own all of her writing craft books, and she has taught me more about how to craft a book series than any other person or resource.
  • If I can’t find the answer I’m looking for on Write on Sisters or Holly Lisle’s website, I visit Fiction University, run by Janice Hardy. There’s such a wealth of information on this site that I can spend days here.


  • Kristen Lamb’s blog is your example of how to build rapport with readers. I read her blog every week. I love her blog. I do not miss her blog posts because she is my kind of person.
  • Kait Nolan’s Pots and Plots is a great example of how to run an author site that isn’t boring or just focused on writing craft. It’s also gorgeous, and I like gorgeous things.
  • Infinitefreetime is your example of how to do an author blog that sells books. Why do I say that? Because I own all of Luther’s books. Why do I own them? Because I liked his blog posts, so I bought one. (Actually I may have downloaded it for free. I don’t remember. Anyway. It’s on my top 5 list of favorite books in whatever year I read it.) And now I own all of them.


I’m participating in several blog challenges and activities this month.
This post is for Blogher’s Writing Lab, #Postaday and Zero to Hero on WordPress, and BloggingFreedom.org’s 30 Day Challenge.

Today’s Zero To Hero assignment is to use the WordPress reader to find new blogs.  I hate that! And I will share alternate ways to find new blogs in another post.