Are You My Blog Reader?

  • 1Have you ever been angry? Sad? Tired? Lonely? Do you know what it’s like to be hungry?
  • Do you want to make your life better but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you afraid you might lose your mind again?
    Do you have dreams and goals but feel overwhelmed trying to reach them?
  • Are stories sometimes the only thing keeping you alive?
  • Do you know what it’s like to have to fight for everything you have?
  • Have you lain awake wondering if this would be the night he killed you? Or himself?
  • Do you want better for yourself and the world around you?
  • Do you just wish somebody out there would be real with you?

I believe you can make it. This blog can help.

I learned how to achieve my goals the hard way. By failing a lot!

I grew up hungry and terrified, in a family of alcoholics and addicts. I created an imaginary world as my escape, and now that world lives here.

Getting to school in the morning was an act of war. Living through the bullies and sexual harrassment there was as miracle.

I was the only one in my family who knew the names Nelson Mandela or Maya Angelou. Education was my salvation.

I taught myself ninth grade physical science because my teacher was incompetent.

I have chronic depression, PTSD, cerebral palsy and a whole bunch of digestive problems.

My husband kept me barricaded in our bedroom. When I finally left him, I was homeless for 6 months.

I tell those stories here too, because I know there’s somebody out there who needs them

I want better for myself. This blog is partly my imaginary playground and partly my chronicle of the quest for the life I want. As I learn and grow, I share here and I hope that you will find the encouragement you need.  I believe that stories have the power to heal and change lives.  If you agree, welcome.  This blog is for you.