The Foxes of Synn: Are You My Reader?

The Foxes of Synn

  • Do your heroes walk in the shadow as easily as they stand in the light?
  • Do you cheer for the woman who can solve her problems with her mind as well as her fists?
  • Do you root for the man with the odds stacked against him, whose first weapon is a book?
  • Do you believe that there are things worth fighting and living for? Do you want to read stories about people who choose to live for what they believe?
  • Do you believe that one person can make a difference–but a team working together just might change the world?
  • Would you rather read about the trickster, the mentor, or the mastermind than the big guy with the sword?
  • Do you still dream of finding Narnia or walking through your Looking Glass into another world?
  • Do you wonder if science and magic just might be siblings torn apart?
  • Do you believe that love takes many forms and want to read stories that shatter convention and sterotypes?


If this is you, welcome to Synn. We have been waiting.

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