Things I accomplished this week:

Things I accomplished this week:

  • Did a bunch of blog posts related to this writing course I’m taking. Some of it is helpful.
  • Came up with scene lists for the expanded version of the fox thing I’ve been working on. That took about twice as long as I expected it to. Learning experience in how long I need to plan spending there.
  • Made a new Facebook group.  Do you want to improve your goal setting, productivity and make new friends? Join Live the Life You Want.
  • Finished about half of February’s pep talks
  • Forced myself to do ALL THE CHARACTER SHEETS and I still hate doing them and am going to find another method of tracking these things if it kills me because I refuse to spend this long doing something I might glance at twice ever. It seems to be the minor characters I need prompting for anyway; the major characters don’t need my help existing/behaving.
  • Blog series on finding your priorities
  • Half a blog series on goal effective goal planning.
  • Learned Canva

    Finish my Synn list and workflow, finish February blog posts, am apparently designing a self-love challenge in aforementioned FB group, write essay I’ve been trying to write for a month. Possibly sleep or consume food, maybe take a shower.