#WeekendCoffeeshare at Castle Grayskull [Plus #ROW80 Check In]

If we were having coffee, I’d be kind of quiet. I wouldn’t have coffee, because you would know that I don’t drink it, but there’s always some on hand for company. I like the smell of coffee. I think it reminds me of my grandmother. But I don’t like the taste at all.


I drank coffee for a while in my 20s, when I was going to this church where the adult Sunday school classes were held out in these freezing cold trailers. Coffee was the only hot thing that was offered to drink, and I couldn’t leave early because the people giving me a ride liked stay for the Sunday school. So I learned to drink it with a lot of sugar and cream, and I think I even liked it after a while, but caffeine doesn’t actually keep me awake, so I get no benefit from drinking it since I stopped going to that church.

I have a lot on my mind, but if I start talking about it all, I’m afraid that you would be listening to me for a week, so I would just tell you that I watched this fan film the other day:


I was really into the first half because it focused on Teela and the Sorceress.  Shadow Weaver was there, and it looked like they were going to do something totally awesome with the female characters, but the 2nd half went back to standard MOTU formula and had He-Man battle Skeletor while Teela became secondary.  The ending was sweet, but totally out of place given the events of the film and the Prequel comic.  Just…what?


The tone was kind of weird, but I liked it in the same way that I like cheesy 80s movies like Red Sonja and Conan.  It has that same over-the-top, bombastic vibe.  I read it as an 80s homage/tribute until I went on the website and they described the film as a parody.


I’m not sure it works as a parody.  I mean, it’s funny, but not sharp enough or satirical enough to boe a parody.  It’s just funny in the same way that He-Man itself was funny.  The cheese factor is high.


There’s probably a post here about authorial intent vs. reader/viewer expectations.  Hm.


Anyway, I haven’t seen any Slugterra this week.

Tried to watch a movie with Simon Baker and Sanaa Lathan that I should have liked but couldn’t get into.  That ate up my TV time.


I would tell you that some dipshit posted a plot summary of the new Star Wars in a totally unrelated FB thread last week, and I read it before I realized what it was saying.  So….yeah.

On the off chance that there are still people who haven’t seen the movie (I won’t see it for at least 3 years) I won’t spoil, but I’m still recovering from what I read, even though it was pretty much what I expected.  And no, I don’t want to talk about it further.

I would tell you that I started watching NCIS a year ago and am only NOW saying so because I   need a long time to process before I have the faintest idea what I think of new things.  He-Man fanworks aren’t “new” because I know what I think about He-Man.  With new stuff  I react emotionally, then go away and stay quiet until I can sort it out.   I still don’t know precisely what I think about NCIS, other than “Naval associations with my old job feel comforting and  Mark Harmon is hot.” It’s unusual for me to watch the television show for that long and still not feel a connection to any of the main characters. I shouldn’t be seeing Mark Harmon. I should be seeing Gibbs, but generally if I do it’s in an analytical, “pick this character type and dynamic structure apart” way rather than “I care about this person.”  I watch it fully aware that I’m watching actors.  But the acting is good, I guess or I wouldn’t still be tuning in.  I’m weird.  Oh well.


You’re talking to the woman who spent a whole season being annoyed with Cameron Mitchell before I realized that I liked him, so I wouldn’t rule anything out.


I’d tell you I’m taking 3 classes.  One is on novel writing, and the other two are more hobby related than professional.  This was my assignment for the Soul Journaling class.  I like this so far.  It’s open ended and encouraging from a creative standpoint, but there are actual ASSIGNMENTS.

Not crazy about the Novel Writing and feel like I could have gotten more if I spent my money on craft books instead.  But I’m seeing it through because I promised myself that I would make every effort to get something out of it…..


Which brings me to my ROW 80 goals.

…my goal for the round (and probably the rest of the year) is to GET MY CRAP TOGETHER and organize my documents, or make better documents than what I had.

  • Step 1 is to make a list of everything I want to do. (Due January 31st.)
  • Step 2 is to chunk the list into a work breakdown so I don’t get overwhelmed. (Due Febrary 29th.)
  • Step 3 is to…figure out Step 3, which I will be better able to do once the first two steps are completed. (Due by the end of the ROW80 round)

I have a rough version of my task list for the round, which was my first goal. I want to go over it again next week and see if there’s anything to add or change.


I’m breaking my Big Pile of Stuff up into serial installments.  It’s a different direction than the Fox Sisters, focusing more on their parents and other characters of that generation, but it’s actually helping me a lot because I feel more grounded in my understanding of the world and I’m finding that I can troubleshoot/fix stuff I didn’t like with the girls by allowing their parents to form alliances and learn things they didn’t know before.


Posting a weekly goals list here on the blog does help too, and my goalsetting posts have been pretty popular so far.


I’m learning a lot from the bloggingfreedom.org challenge.


The holiday weekend at the beginning of the year got my blog schedule totally messed up, and I didn’t realize that with my goal posts and goal setting series, plus guest series on Science Fiction, Transmedia and Fandom, and Elcetic Alli, I was going to have like 2 or 3 posts a day running all month.  I don’t know how I failed to realize that, since I have it all in my google calendar and I can SEE IT, but I guess it just didn’t sink in. Anyway, with posts for the challenge added it my posting ratio is up and I’ve gotten a lot of new followers.


I don’t know how well I’m sticking to my New Year’s resolution about blogging smarter, but I am going to just spread out my challenge posts into next month.  I’m doing the same with Zero to Hero, even though I know that both events will actually be over by then.  I don’t want 4/5 posts running a day.


One thing I really like and appreciate about Manda’s challenge is that the themes are all given in advance.  This way I can write the post at my own pace and schedule them for what I want them to run. I’m much more comfortable blogging this way and I’m more inclined to participate and engage with other bloggers when I’m not stressed out about needing to get my post written in a 2-3 day window, like a lot of challenges have. I do things in clusters. I read a bunch of blog posts ahead of time, and then I work on my fiction, so it stresses me out when I want to participate in something, but I have to write posts on what feels like no notice at all.


If you’re running a blog hop or writing prompt event, it’s pretty easy to make a page with your prompts or themes organized in advance.  You might get more engagement that way.


Well.  I haven’t really been “quiet” but I haven’t talked about anything that’s on my mind.  I guess that’s what I do, lol.


How’s your week been?