[How To] Digital Art Journal: Intentions

I’m developing a method of digital art journaling. I realized a while ago that art like this is a meditative practice for me and I meant to get more intentional about it. Then I hurt my arms and had to stop making art for months. I’m doing well enough now that I can try again.  I feel the need for an introspective practice.

I realized earlier this year that, while I like to freewrite, doing it every day is too much to handle. It becomes exhausting because I write at least 6 hours a day anyway. I wanted to try art journaling, but I don’t have the manual dexterity to do it on paper, and I don’t have a lot of space for supplies. So, I came up with this idea to use my digital art and picture collection to build layouts kinda like a scrapbook and put snippets of free writing or other text around them.

I’m working through Kelly Simkins’ Sacred Soul Journalling project and her Self-love for the Soul art journalling class. Both of these had an assignment to write out our intentions and make a collage or art spread.

I did a free write about my intentions, then I found some relevant images.

Somes were on Pixabay and some came searching my hard drive folders. I have a lot of TV promos saved for blogging and fanart purposes.

The spread was put together in Scapple, and all I had to do was drag and drop my text document from my free write onto the Scapple board. Scapple will convert the text to individual notes based on line spacing.
After everything loads, it’s really easy to move notes around the page, change the formatting and colors, or add new border styles. I have a full review of Scapple coming on January 21.
Images were placed on the board the same way, just drag, drop, and reposition where you want.
I exported the file as a jpg and loaded it into Paint Shop Pro to add the matting, borders, and embellishments. Some were standard PSP features. All the background elements were my own creation.

Intentions Redux board


These images were taken from different sized crops of the same texture background and recoloring them.  It was inspired by the color magic in my serial series, the Foxes of Synn.  These are



This gallery is the resources for the background.  These are my created stock, free to use.


Intentions, Redux