Monday, November 16



I don’t have a library card anymore. I’m so mad. I had to go to the library on Kaolin, and I had overdue things I forgot about. Shah took me because my dads were working. So, I had these overdue movies and a couple of books. I tried to tell the lady I was sorry and that I got mixed up cause the dates are different in Synn, but then I remembered I ain’t supposed to mention that we live on another planet, cause people will think I’m lying. So, I said we moved and we’re in a different time zone, but she said if we moved I can’t go to the library there anymore unless my dad still works in the city or something.  Well, he kind of does, but I don’t know if it’s legit or not, so I couldn’t say nothin. So the lady made me give them my library card and I still had to pay for all the dumb overdue stuff. I don’t want to answer no questions today I am so mad.  Sorry bloggies.  Noah out.

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