Goal Setting Tip: Performance Based Goals Short-term Goals

GoalsTry setting performance based goals short-term goals in order to reach a long-term goal outcome.

For example, instead of saying, “my long-term goal is to finish a 100,000 word novel in a year,” so my short term goal is to write 300 words a day,” you could say, “My short term goal is to spend X amount time per week writing.”  or “My short term goal is to write on my lunch break 3 days a week.”

I hate to break it to you, but you don’t have control of how many words you write in a day, and word count goals are a notoriously unpredictable recipe for guilt and discouragement when your life gets in the way or the words just don’t come, for whatever reason.

If you’re revising your manuscript properly, about a third of those words will be deleted and new ones will be added during the revision process before you send your book for professional editing.  So your word count goals don’t actively measure anything important.

You have control over how much time per week you spend writing.  You have control over what you do with your spare time.  Setting goals that are focused on what you can control removes the pressure for you have a particular outcome and allow you to work at your own pace while still meeting your goal.