#WeekendCoffeeshare #ROW80 and Painted Music Mice.

weekendcoffeeshareIf we were having coffee, I might not be awake yet. I’ve been having a lot of insomnia lately, and last night was the first time in about a month that I’ve been able to get more than 4 hours sleep. I feel more tired and cross today than I have during this whole time I was getting like 3 to 4 hours of sleep. I think my body is just confused.

Mickey Mouse Sorcerer's Apprentice

I watched Fantasia yesterday, and I remembered that the Sorcerers Apprentice was my first real exposure to fantasy that wasn’t a fairytale or fairytale adaptation. I had a Little Golden Storybook of it. I don’t remember if I got the book before our after I saw Fantasia, but I remember reading it and fantasizing about how Mickey would be later on, when he’d mastered his powers and was a great sorcerer. Thad Malimore is probably influenced by Mickey Mouse. I am amused.

I’m pretty impressed with myself that I’ve managed to do 3 coffee posts so far this month. I rarely ever have that much to say. I think my characters have much more interesting experiences that I have, all told, and I would rather talk about them anyway. I wonder what their coffee dates sound like.

I know Xavier liked Fantasia because he came into my headspace and watched it when it was on. He partially deaf. Likes music in general, plays the drums, and I think the visual interpretation of sound resonated with him. He’s got some magic paints that will make pictures come to life and move around the page. I’m wondering if “painted music” could be an artform too.
There’s not much else to talk about today unless you want to let me grouse about the various things I’ve been inconvenienced by and find irritating, but I can think we can skip that for the sake of keeping a good mood going here.

On to my ROW 80 goals.

To quote from my goals’ post:

In December, I realized I had about four years of “stuff” done for my science fantasy serial.  It includes drafts, roleplay, worldbuilding, and some scattered notes.  I realized that most of my formal “notes” were in IM discussions with my friend Hannah, and that’s bad because I need to be able to look at them for consistency.  Most of the worldbuilding I started with changed dramatically and I don’t have a good record of it.  Most of the plotlines have been revamped, worked over, and changed.  I don’t have a good record of what I was thinking or why I made the changes, although I do have a good memory and a working timeline.


I know that as the series grows, that’s not going to be enough. So, my goal for the round (and probably the rest of the year) is to GET MY CRAP TOGETHER and organize my documents, or make better documents than what I had.

  • Step 1 is to make a list of everything I want to do. (Due January 31st.)
  • Step 2 is to chunk the list into a work breakdown so I don’t get overwhelmed. (Due Febrary 29th.)
  • Step 3 is to…figure out Step 3, which I will be better able to do once the first two steps are completed. (Due by the end of the ROW80 round)


I’ve finished compiling the list, and in the process of doing it, I’ve also figured out the workflow that I want to use.

I have a Trello board for the to do list and a checklist on Habitica for each step.  This is my Habitica checklist for the moment.

Reynard's MagiciansI’ve gone back and forth on whether I want to write detailed character histories or even continue to use profile sheets.  Every writer in the world seems to think this is a necessary step, but the fact is I hate them.  I hate them and I hate using them and never even look at them.  I’ve never had trouble remembering my characters’ personalities, history or main traits, unless we’re talking about minor characters who don’t have much background anyway.  The solution there is to give them some.  I’m going to try a development map instead of a profile, because that’s what I’d actually look at.
I write serials, which is somewhat different than writing a novel series. Each piece is smaller and the storyline is more open ended.

I spent most of this month on one set of characters, the Malimores. I took everything I had with them and broke it down into scene lists, then backward engineer the scenes into plot structure. Had to add ideas for new material in order to get functional plots, so what started as a three-installment arc has turned into a 6 installment arc, but it works A LOT better that way, and a good half of the material is already written, so I’m ahead of the game. I’m going to use the same strategy for the rest of the series.

What I’m going to do is separate the work by the different fox dens, start by creating scene lists out of what I have, backward engineer those into plot maps and relationship maps in Scapple. The main tool I’m using for backward engineering the plotlines is a modified version of a technique that Heather Jackson posted about on Write on Sisters. If anyone is interested, I can post about what I’m doing.

I’ve got the basic order down that I need to do the work in, although I’m leaving it flexible and for some reason I feel pulled back into Imani’s arc right now. I have a goal to keep weekly development logs, but those haven’t been happening. Some weeks I do it and others I don’t have much to say. I think maybe I’ll switch to doing them biweekly or as needed. I’m going to at least do one more development log before I decide whether or not I really need to switch up and do Imani’s arc now.