Journal: Embracing My Superpowers/Cultivating Self-Love


This started out as just some musings about why I’m interested in Self-Love right now.  The art was just going to be an accent for the writing, but it turned out to be a prompt response for “Embracing” on  Sacred Soul Journaling too.


I want to cultivate a sense of Self-Love because nobody else is going to do it.

Because I deserve to be loved, and I need to be able to treat myself with kindness and respect, especially if that’s what I want others to do.


I made a design I really liked today.


Then I was embarrassed because I “got carried away” with color variations.


I happen to like color variations.  I LIKE to see the same piece in several different color schemes.


It’s my thing.


“I swore I was only going to make of these,, but here are a bunch of them.”


Why do I keep trying to make only one of something when I know I want to make a rainbow? Have I just eaten this rhetoric that “art” is only “art” if it’s one of a kind?


I grew up on Voltron and Sailor Moon for godsakes.


Anyway, I’m drawn to the pink one, which is odd.  If I was going to be a superhero/ranger/senshi/space explorer that pink one would totally be on my uniform.  My team could have the others.  I don’t normally like pink.


If Synn had superheroes, their powers would shift with the seasons, so they’d need uniforms in different colors.  Hmmmmmmmm……..

At some point I’ll do a page with these.  I keep going back and forth with different assignments.