4 Simple Tools For Managing Your Goals



Hi and welcome back! We’re doing a week-long series on goal-setting!

In post #1, we looked at 7 Steps for Prioritizing Your Goals.

In post #2 we looked more closely at how to determine your life priorities.

In post #3 we explored 8 questions which will help you set achievable goals!

In post #4 we worked through 8 questions for pre-assessing a goal.

Today, I have 4 tools that will help make managing your goals simple and easy!


Trello is my number one app for creating quick workflows and to do lists. These help me keep track of what I’m supposed to be doing and what I have left. Trello has a lot of features like a calendar, checklists, attachable notes, stickers, and it works well when you need just a bit of structure to get yourself started.


Habitica is another task management site, but it’s set up to turn completing your daily to do list into a game. I think it’s a lot of fun, and I use it to keep track of habit building and longer-running tasks. It’s easier for me to see which tasks I have left and I like that I can group them into a checklist on the front of the item instead of having to click the card like in Trello. Habitica also has a calendar, but doesn’t allow note attachments or easy moving from column to column. Trello works better when you have a lot of steps and need to move things back and forth. Habitica works when you just want a checklist and the added social features make it easy to find groups of people working on the same things you are.


Penzu is an online journal app that lets you tag, search, and view entries in multiple ways. It’s a recent find that I’ve been using to dump blog post ideas. I like that I can access Penzu from anywhere, and I like that I can lock up entries if I want to. I don’t know how well it would work to track progress, but it’s been more useful than Trello or Habitica for those times when I have a million ideas that I need to get down quickly.
Remember The Milk
Remember the Milk is a task manager with tabbed list, tagging, notes, a priority system, and several search features. It works for me when I have a lot of details to manage and need to make sure they stay organized, but it’s a time sink for day to day activities.


I LOVE SCAPPLE. Scapple is a freeform text editor that functions just like pen and paper. I use it as brainstorming software, a complex workflow builder, and a way to break large chunks of text into smaller ones for easy scanning. I do all my story notes this way now. I have an example of how I used it to set my priorities here. The downside is, Scapple is not a web app, so I can only get to it from my desktop.