Was informed by manager he has the same problem with units in other buildings, but the president of the management company does not want to spend any money on toilets “unless there’s a medical reason.” If they put a new regular toilet in here and the problem continues, they’ll charge me $400 every time they have to snake it. If I continue to put up with the broken toilet until they get a doctor’s note stating a (non-existent) medical need for a toilet with a high powered flusher, they will not charge me. Also refused to give me a timeframe on any of the work until they get the paperwork from my doctor (which I know the doctor will not sign.) Have already been in touch with a lawyer but need to wait at least 30 days to give them time to do what they’ve promised. So, okay. They can’t/won’t charge me for having a plumber in here every two weeks and I guess spending $800/month for a plumber is a better alternative to them than fixing the pipes/getting new toilets.