Goal Setting Tip: You Only Fail If You Stop Trying


You only fail if you stop trying. Every experience has value.

I have 10 years worth of unfinished, unpublishable stuff for a vampire series that I couldn’t make work. I haven’t given up, but I’ve put it aside for the time being.  It was not a failure! It taught me enough to know how to make the foxes work better. Brought me to where I am right now, to WordPress, to blogging.

I was evicted from my first apartment because I got involved with a loser and let him bully and intimidate me into not paying my rent to support his drug habit.I lived 6 months in a homeless shelter.  Lost everything I had.

It was the biggest screw-up ever. It was a mistake.  But you know what? I DID NOT FAIL.  I made a horrible mess of my life, and in the process of putting it back together, I learned everything that I bring to this blog today.  Stop beating yourself up for your mistakes.

Learn what works and what doesn’t.  If you feel discouraged, breathe, and look for a way to learn from your situation before you try again.  Then, try again!