Top 10 Things I Love About Insomnia

Insomia Insanity
10. Insomnia burns calories! All that tossing and turning really works up a sweat!
9. I always have hot water for the shower that I need at 4 AM after my workout.
8. In fact, since it’s 4 AM, if I want to take a 2 hour bath–I can!
7. Getting to watch the sunrise every. day.
6. All the exciting infomercial products I get to see before anyone else. Why yes, I need an electric foot massager!
5. Imagine all the things you’ll learn searching google at 4 AM!
4. Internet speed is blazing fast–because everyone else is asleep!
3. The intense itch on my shoulder blade that I can’t reach from either direction and is just beyond the effective range for my backscatcher. Which happens right when I’m falling asleep. Again, exercise.
2. Getting Awesome Ideas for my blog and having lots of time to work on them!