#WeekendCoffeeShare and ROW80


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I kicked January’s ass from here to Kingdom Come. February is trying to shit on my productivity parade, but so far I’ve ducked every turd and still managed to meet my goals.

You might laugh at me, because I’m super excited that Netflix has new seasons of Sofia the First, Ever After High, and Young Justice. They’ve also just announced that they are developing a new Netflix original Voltron series, and I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. Whenever anyone announces that they’re going to re-do a classic cartoon, my suspicious side comes out.  I’m withholding judgment.


And that’s kind of all I would have to talk about if we were having coffee, because I assume you’ve already heard about my landlord being the biggest asshole on the planet.


My ROW 80 goals for January was to create a big-ass to-do list for the rest of the round. I not only did that, but I published February’s goal, which was to create a workflow from the list.


In January, I completed a revision plan for the first new arc of my serial fiction.  It’s a four story arc with a “bonus” section of two additional pieces that introduce a new region and add to the established worldbuilding.


I’m having more trouble this month. The second arc am working on has a different set of characters and another new region. Like with the first one, I did the rough draft years ago, but I’m finding that it needs a lot more plot work and I’ve had to go in a different direction.


I added some new characters, and one of the villains actually turned out to be a decent guy who’d been badly manipulated and abused by someone else.  I like that development better, but of course now I feel bad for what Ander has gone through.


The new thing I’m doing with him and his girlfriend has a cool gothic horror meets fairytale fantasy vibe that I’ve never tried before. So far it’s gone well, but I’m only in the (re) drafting stage and I’ll have to see how it goes the rest of the month.


My new goal for February is to complete a rough draft and a story map by March 1.