Welfare Shaming

I just saw this on a facebook page and I AM DONE.

“I’m personally sick of all the rewards the welfare seem to receive. They have every electronic device available, drive nicer vehicles, they can take vacations yet We’ve been busting our asses just to pay for the nessasary (sic) stuff.”


Here is what it’s ACTUALLY LIKE to live on government assistance.

  • I live on 750/mo and have to fight for basic mental health and prescription coverage. (Don’t qualify for food stamps.)
  • I have between $20-50/mo in UNCOVERED medical care expenses.I don’t have eyeglasses, a dentist, or a decent pair of shoes.
  • I don’t own a vehicle, and I am using a computer that someoneĀ helped me buy so that I could do my volunteer job, write books and try to build my career, and my cell phone is a cheap pre-paid for emergencies only.
  • I have literally not left my home in three years, let alone a vacation, and have spent the last 4 years fighting with my landlord to install wheelchair accessible stove and shower.
  • Years ago, I had to quit college because the state refused to pay for repairs to my electric wheelchair.


Please tell me again how people on government benefits have all these things.

Edit: Here’s an addendum, for your amusement.

welfare shaming