Mini-Rant: Autism, Ableism and ADHD

I was going to post this on Facebook.  Then I realized I want it here so I can link to it in every thread I see this mentioned.


I keep seeing posts in my feed about how “there are more people being diagnosed with ADHD and Autism than ever before. Clearly the problem is our diet/pesticides/chemicals/technology/overmedications/whatever.”


This is ableism and I’m calling bullshit.

Autism is not caused by diet and there’s no actual evidence that it’s caused by modern technology/chemical exposure.

Some ADHD symptoms can be managed by diet. Overmedication is a valid problem. That doesn’t mean diet or medications is a causal factor. Your logic is flawed.

If I see that article about how “ADHD doesn’t exist in France” one more time I’m going to slap someone.
More people are being diagnosed because more medical professionals and parents recognize the symptoms.

Previously, the same people would have been labeled as “problem children” and grown up without the help and resources they needed.


Stop exploiting the experiences of others for your political/social agenda.

Stop telling people that their experiences aren’t valid because you don’t believe their disorders are real things.

STOP and think about how you’d feel if someone told you that your stomachache wasn’t a real thing because they couldn’t see or touch it. Then think about what it would be like to live with that stomachache for the rest of your life.

Just. Stop.