Why I Will Never Have A Million Subscribers, According to the Experts



So, I’ve been reading all these posts and articles about email marketing. The #1 advice I keep seeing is to set up an autoresponder to send new subscribers a series of welcome emails after they get your opt-in.

I HATE when bloggers do that. Good grief!

Here’s a short guide to how to sell me things.  It most likely applies to all my nerdy friends.


  • Give me your opt-in. Let me check out your regular newsletter. If I get more than one email from you in a week, I will unsubscribe.  If I get a chain of welcome emails, I will unsubscribe.
  • STOP BUGGING ME, stop dribbling your content out at me piecemeal like you think I’m stupid. I’ll think you just want more of my time/attention.  If you have more than one content upgrade, put them all on a page and give me a link so I can look at them when/if I feel like it.
  • And lay off the personal TMI because I don’t care. I’m reading your blog already. I don’t need to know about your cat’s toenails, your deep seated fear of failure or whatever other thing you think is going to make you relatable so I’ll buy your ecourse next month.

If I like your blog enough to read it, I’ll probably look at your paid content.  If you annoy the piss out of me, you won’t get anything.

I’ve got an email opt-in up over at Texture Addiction.  I don’t know, maybe I need to re-think that.

6 thoughts on “Why I Will Never Have A Million Subscribers, According to the Experts

  1. I’ve just gone self-hosted, and have been reading up on email lists and the like… I have to say, this is a breath of fresh air! I only follow a handful of these big players who are all about the marketing – some offer decent content behind it, but I’ve only ever paid for products (two books) from one of them. It all feels like some big pyramid scheme to convince up-and-coming writer bloggers that there’s gold in them there hills, and then when they get there they realise that “gold” is selling “how-to” guides to those in the foothills behind them…

    The thing that annoys me most is that this form of marketing actually works. People – not us – do click through and buy those products. So what’s the middle ground for the honest blogger? 🙂


  2. Oh, the “blogging experts.” I ignore them soley for the reason I hate being sold to, so I won’t put my readers through that. I had an “expert” look at my blog, advise me on click-bait headlines and “catchy” copy. Nope. That wouldn’t be me. Hang in there!


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