How to Change Your Theme On

change theme tutorial

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to change your theme. I put this together for a client, but others might appreciate it.

Step 1: On your blog homepage, click “my sites” in the top ribbon.


Step 2: Mouseover “Themes” and Click.



That brings you to the themes archive.


You can preview any theme by clicking in the center

Or you can install it by hovering your mouse over the three dots in the right hand corner.


Just click “activate.”


Notes about searching for themes:


Clicking “All” at the top of the screen


will give you the option of searching only for free themes.

Clicking the “More” button will bring you to this screen:


and allow you to narrow search criteria.


My client is a fashion blogger, so I clicked through some photoblogging themes to see how they looked.

You can also try a magazine or a portfolio theme. Those are all great for highlighting images.

Clicking the magnifying glass icon and typing other criteria like “logo” in the search bar will help narrow your search results as well


Customizing a Theme:


Once it’s activated, there’s usually a prompt to customize it, but if not you can find the customize button on the sidebar.


That brings up customization options that vary for each theme.  You’ll need to click around and see what options are offere d and whether the theme is a good fit for your needs.


RBF_-04-19-2016-_-0008 RBF_-04-19-2016-_-0009


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