My Story

hey gang


I’m Rose. I help creative women who want to make their own rules, stop living in fear, and trust their creative process no matter where it leads them.

My clients gain the skills and confidence to build the lives they truly want!


I’m passionate about helping digital storytellers because I am one.  I’m an author, artist, blogger, and essayist.  I believe in the power of story to inspire and heal.  I believe that by leveraging the potential of the internet and modern technology, storytellers can have a greater reach and impact more lives than ever before.


But, for many storytellers, technology is the dragon they’re afraid they can’t slay.

Is this you??


That’s where I come in.


 This is my story:


I’m 40 years old.  I was born 2 1/2 months premature, almost died, and had to be airlifted across Long Island to a hospital with a NICU.  As a result, I have cerebral palsy.


My disability is not a tragedy, but it makes my daily life and most things I want to do more challenging.  I have minimal use of my legs, cannot stand or walk without assistance, have poor balance,  ridiculously bad motor skills, am legally blind in one eye, and I have moderate to limited use of my arms.


I’m an adult child of alcoholics and addicts.  I was physically, verbally, and emotionally abused beginning at age 5, sexually abused by 3 different individuals beginning at age 8, and later assaulted by my husband.


I left him and became homeless.  Lived in a shelter for six months.  When I got out of there, I put myself almost all the way through college then got sick and had to quit.


While I recovered, I spent 6 years teaching myself to build websites, how to blog, how to develop and maintain a presence online.   I learned photoshop and hundred of other software apps.  Eventually, I started a career as a graphic designer but hurt my arms and had to quit.


These setbacks have given me a passion for helping other creatives achieve their dreams.  I live with chronic muscle pain, chronic migraines, cluster headaches, depression, panic attacks, and PTSD.  I know what it means to feel like everything you try just blows up in your face.  And I know how to help you move forward.


I used to feel that no one would hire me or take me seriously because I’ve taught myself everything I know about technology.  Then I realized that my work stands for itself.


-I’ve maintained an online presence for over 10 years.

-I’ve published 6 ebooks, created a huge library of free to use graphic art, and manage 4 websites.

-I want to help you reach people with your story.


I’m here to tell you that whatever your circumstances, you CAN do something good in the world, right now. You have a story that someone needs to hear.  You can provide a skill or service that no one else can.  STOP selling yourself short.  STOP undervaluing your skills and your life experiences.   If you need support, encouragement, or help with the technical aspects of running your blog/business, book your thirty minute power session today!.  I am always willing to help in any way I can.

Is there something I can help you with today? Tell me in the comments!




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