There’s Been A Shake-Up Around Here



Hey, guys!


I’ve got a big announcement! I’ve recently launched TWO new websites.  If you’re looking for my writing, blogging, or goal setting tips, you can now find them here as part of my consulting business.


And, if you’re looking for feminism, rape culture, and resources for trauma survivors, most of those will now be over here on Hardcore Hope.

My author blog is shifting gears a bit to focus on pop-culture analysis (like I used to do) and I will probably post here about once a month, except for the free art resources, which will continue until I run out of them (never gonna happen.)

4 thoughts on “There’s Been A Shake-Up Around Here

  1. Sounds like a good thing to divide into several places. (Sorry I’ve been MIA in your workshop. Very busy these last few days preparing for my own!)


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