Goal Setting Tip: Start


Start.  Just start. Take action. Don’t sit there waiting until you have the perfect package, the perfect website, the perfect sales plan, the perfect paragraph all arranged in your head.  Whatever it is you want to do, start doing it.


You learn by doing.

You succeed by failing first.

You grow by recognizing your shortcomings and working to improve them.

You will not succeed if you wait for the perfect time, the perfect look, the perfect dress.


start over 1  RBF_03-06-2016_0058 RBF_03-06-2016_0063 RBF_03-06-2016_0055

These are some images I made a while ago and was going to use for yesterday’s post.  Quote images and text placement have been my biggest struggle with graphics, and I had to learn to improve.  So I made these, the best I could.

Then I remade them six months later.

Don’t buy into this whole dumb mentality that you have to be perfect to get in the game. When you know there’s something to improve, you have a goal to work towards. Perfectionism will shortchange you on the life you want.

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