Business Clarity Workbook Questions

Biz clarity map

So, like I said yesterday, this week’s homework in my business coaching program, Sisterhood Tribes, is to go through some questions in Rachel’s Business Clarity Workbook.  I’m about 2/3 of the way done now.  This is what I’ve got.  (If I get done the rest of it this week, I’ll do a process post on how I did the business map I came up with.


 What do you love doing? What are you passionate about?


ALL THE THINGS.  I love doing ALL THE THINGS.  This is my problem.


I basically love anything that has to do with imagination, creating something new out of nowhere or taking a bunch of disparate pieces and making it into something coherent and meaningful.  That’s why I love grunge art so much.


  • Storytelling was my salvation.  It’s my first love, second to writing.
  • Computers, the internet, critical analysis, and problem solving are all amazing.
  • I’m a nerd.  I love nerdy things.  Books.  Computers.  History.  Analysis.  Books.
  • I love helping people.

I’m passionate about making the world better.  I do that through story, art, blogging, and trying to help people in any way I can.


What it is about these things that totally lights you up?


The artistic stuff is all the same thing to me.  It’s not easily expressed.  I have Ideas and I need to give them form.  Not doing so would kill me.

Computers, the internet, and technology are things I love for their potential.  That’s connected to my love of analysis, and books.  I’ve been reading science fiction since I was conceived.

What are your natural gifts and talents? What comes easy to you?


Again ALL THE THINGS. I’m a multipotentialite  which means that I don’t really have a single skill set or strong set of talents that supercedes everything else. I guess my real talent is learning. Learning comes easily and quickly to me. I pick up new things easily, and I solve problems easily. From creative standpoint, my strongest gifts are in writing, but that’s because those are the skills that I’ve spent the longest time developing. I’ve wanted to be a writer for basically my entire life, and I have devoted a lot of time and energy into becoming the best writer I can be. I continue to do that.


Art started as a hobby, and it’s developed into a side business. Computers and the Internet are how I do everything, and I’m very good at figuring out technological related stuff.


I like doing websites, I love marketing and strategy, I love coming up with ideas and working through problems.


I also have a natural gift for encouraging and helping others. I’ve known for a long time that this was one of my spiritual gifts, and I’ve worked on cultivating it.


Who or what inspires you?

The first thing that comes to mind is Gene Roddenberry.  J. Michael Straczynski.  Maya Angelou. Stephen King, Anne McCaffrey, and Anne Rice. Walt Disney. I guess the people who inspire me are storytellers who believe in the potential of human beings to be better than we are.

Who do you enjoy working with or interacting with most? Why?

I enjoy working with creatives because there’s an energy and mentality that goes along with needing to create things. Most people don’t get it. Also like working with people who are goal oriented and driven, because I can relate to that. I have a strong work ethic, and I’m task oriented, so I get really frustrated with people who are more lackadaisical and flaky about their work style. I like interacting with geeks and nerds, for the most part because I have more things to talk about with them.

Who would benefit most from working/interacting with you?

Creative people who lack direction or don’t know how to take an idea from conception to fruition.
Creative people who are holding back because they’re afraid to embrace their darker side.
Creative people who can’t figure out how to develop an online platform and don’t understand digital culture.

What do those people want and need? What are their biggest desires?

They want an audience, but they don’t know how to get it. They want to get their stories or art in front of the right people and want their work to be understood.

They want to help others, but they’re afraid to be honest about themselves.  They need to see someone else doing it so they can learn to do it themselves.

What they need is an understanding of how to make that happen–marketing, technology, setting up sales calls, negotiating with clients, online services, etc.

I’m also finding that many of the women in my group need encouragement to pursue their passions, safe space to express fears and frustrations, and generally don’t believe that their skills are marketable or that they’re good enough to “compete.”

How will their lives change/improve as a result of working with you?

My clients will feel inspired to pursue their passions and dreams.  They will gain confidence in themselves and their unique stories.  They will have less stress and be happier because they’ll be spending their time on the creative aspects of their businesses and leaving the rest to  me, and/or they will gain the clarity they need to make decisions about their blogs, books, and other projects.

What is your current job?

I’m an author, artist, and I run

What aspects of this job do you like?

The creative side, the strategy, and the organization.


What aspects of this job do you dislike?

Networking, and pitching.

What activities or tasks can you do all day without them feeling like work?


Creating art, writing, brainstorming, and strategizing


What activities make you lose track of time?


Anything creative (in a good way)

Anything tedious (in a bad way.)


Use the space below (or a page or 2 of your journal) to do a brain dump

for any/all business ideas you have right now:


I did a brain dump in Scapple and basically all the ideas I had are things I’m already doing or have done but know I don’t like.  So I turned it into a business map, see below.

EGC Biz Map

Which of these ideas could you start TODAY (e.g. you don’t need additional schooling or certification for and have some value to provideright away)?


All of them.

Do you have the interest and/or resources to get additional training/education (if needed for your business)?


Resources–Working on ways to get further business and marketing training.


At this point in the workbook – what do you feel your business

could be? (If you still feel confused/lost/unsure…get in touch with me and

we’ll figure it out together!).


I think I’m on the right track and I like this graphic that I came up with.


The only piece that still feels shaky is how to share my story and empower people without getting sucked into people’s confidence issues and trauma-related need to vent.  I’m an empath, and I CANNOT be that person.


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