Return of the #WeekendCoffeeshare

CoffeeshareIf we were having coffee, I would offer you some but I wouldn’t partake. You know by now that I don’t really drink coffee, and it’s super hot outside. I can’t imagine anyone wanting coffee in this heat, so maybe we’ll just have lemonade or something instead.

I’d tell you that I’m excited because one of the grocery stores in my area started offering a free pickup service where you can order online, the store clerks pack your groceries for you, and then you can pick them up. This is a pretty big deal for me, since I rely on state-funded homecare providers to shop and do most of my housework nowadays. There’s never quite enough time to get everything done, and I’ve had consistent problems with workers not picking up the right items or the right size.

I tried this service last week, and it worked out pretty well except that the meats are really expensive. I may have to shift my shopping somehow because I like to have cold cuts for lunch. Other than that, there’s a five dollar delivery fee which is sort of annoying, but cheaper than Peapod, and with this I don’t have to buy a ton of food all at once.

I would tell you that I got my first paid blogging gig this past week. It was actually an accident. I was writing up a list of tips to share in my Facebook group, and I came across another blogger who was looking for guest posts on the same subject. So I pitched and only later found out that she offered cash payment.

I’m still calling it a win.

I would tell you that I haven’t watched much Slugterra since the last time we had coffee together. You would probably be surprised by that given how enthusiastic I was about show at the time. I still love it, but I started to have this terrible feeling that if I continued watching I was going to be disappointed with all the changes in the second and third season. So I froze I do that sometimes. At least now in the age of Netflix, I can pick up a show again when I’m ready. That would happen when I was a kid or a teenager, and it basically meant I’d never see the show again.

I would tell you that I saw the Starman TV series on Amazon a while back, and I was thinking about getting it, but I have so much to watch on Netflix right now that I haven’t bothered. That’s a strange sort of feeling because there were several years when I felt like there was nothing on that I wanted to watch at all.

Most of what I watching is new cartoons, so it’ll end up on Comparative Geeks eventually. For anybody new, cartoons are my particular favorite flavor of geek, and I write about them all the time.

Current favorites are

  • Voltron: Legendary Defender
  • The Deep.
  • Sofia The First
  • and Slugterra

Then, if you didn’t already know by now, I’d tell you that I have some new projects on the table.


Hardcore Hope is a site for trauma survivors who have recently left or are considering Leaving Abusive Situations. I’ll be sharing my personal story there and providing a platform for survivors to share their stories as well. My other goal for the site is to bring in guest experts every month to blog about educational topics that they might not otherwise have access to. The topic for July and August Is Self-Care

September Is Nutrition and Healthy Eating on a Budget. I’m Seeking Contributors for September now, so if you’re a food or nutrition blogger, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve Started a GoFundMe for HardCore Hope, and I’ve repurposed My Patreon Page. I’m going to start posting on Patreon again in September.

I’ve also launched a digital shop on Creative Market, and all the proceeds from that go to support Hardcore Hope I’ll still be uploading freebie stuff on Texture Addiction. The store has more of my art pieces and template sets so far, and I expecthat to continue.


And, the biggest news is my consulting business, which officially launched last month, although most of you know I’ve been putting it together for a while. I’m offering free strategy sessions this weekend. You can book now and use the time later if you want to.

I’m blogging over there once a week for now (Monday) and I have a lot of practical tips for authors, bloggers, and creative entreprenuers. I’ll be moving all my writing craft related features over there and gradually ramping up the content creation schedule.

Right now everything I’m posting is more related to my own progress as I build the new sites and what I’m learning along the way, so if you’re interested in the “business” side of creative life, you’ll want to head on over there and check out the blog.

I’m thinking of moving the Coffeeshare over there too. More on that next week.

Oh–and I’d tell you that I’m still watching NCIS, and I’m finding the later seasons (6-7, currently) way more engaging than the early ones. Before I was watching it mainly because it reminded me of my time working at the VA; now I’m finally involved in the storyline.

And that’s about all for this week. I hope you like the lemonade. I won’t ask what anyone’s watching, because I’m pretty sure I know the answer.


When you’re through here, hop on over to Diana’s and check out some of the other posts in the link up.

20 thoughts on “Return of the #WeekendCoffeeshare

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  2. Hi Rose, found your blog for the first time through the link up. Just wondered whether you need any contributors for self care in July and August? Thanks, Lauren. P.s. Thankyou for the lemonade I also don’t drink coffee but take part in the weekend coffee share occasionally!


  3. The shopping service sounds perfect, save the meat prices. I’m wondering if there is a way to ask them to pack lower priced meats? I think the stores typically go for the top of the line when they do the shopping service so maybe you can talk to someone there and ask them how you can have less expensive meat packed. It’s worth a try!


  4. Hi Rose,
    Great to catch up with you again. My husband usually does our shopping but he’s not been getting there as much lately and I was doing better so some of our supplies are getting low. I struggle to keep up with frsh meat, because I have this thing in my head about it going off, even though much of it lasts a good number of days. I’ve been watching Masterchef and that’s really encouraged me to put more thought into my cooking. Some of these cooking shows have such a strange mix of ingredients that it does encourage me to explore my pantry and fridge with a more open mind. I can add Vegemite to anything and everything now!
    I’m not going to put myself forward for healthy eating advice. We eat healthy food most of the time in our house but I write about Tim Tams and very chocolatey indulgent desserts. I’m afraid, I’m too naughty to quit!
    xx Rowena


  5. Congratulations!!! Sounds like you have lots of exciting things in the works! I look forward to following your journey.. Thanks for the lemonade!


  6. Helping those who are or have been in abuse is so, so important. It’s a focus of my blog as well. I’m glad you found a shopping service that seems to fit what you need. Oh, and I love NCIS. We watched all of them a couple years ago and then started watching the newest season. It’s a great show.


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