5 Tips For Managing Fear


Have a priortized to-do list

One of the first things that happens when you’re afraid is that your logical processing shuts down.  You may become paralyzed with indecision or retreat by throwing all your energy into less important aspects of the project.  If you prioritize your tasks ahead of time, you can rely on your list to remind you of what you need to be doing right now.

Baby Steps Are Allowed!

Our culture values big, showy accomplishments. Most of the time, though, a big accomplishment comes after a lot of small milestones.  Even if that’s not always the case for you, breaking things down into smaller pieces will help you move forward while you’re afraid. You don’t have to take that big step you’re scared of all at once.  You can take it in tiny ones.  The key is just to take consistent action every day.

Celebrate Accomplishments!

Even the baby steps.  Positive reinforcement is a huge motivator!! Also, when you take the time to celebrate small achievements, you’re more likely to remember them and and feel like you are making progress.  That helps counteract fear by giving you a sense of control and a counterpoint for negative thoughts.

Get Support

Fear is a normal and natural reaction to any kind of perceived risk. We feel it when we try new things or when we place ourselves in situations where we may be rejected. Sometimes we feel it when we’re on the brink of success because we’re not sure what success will bring for us. Other times, we feel it when we might fail, because failure means a loss of ego. Even though it’s natural, many people feel shame about their fears. They’re afraid to admit that they don’t feel confident all the time, and that creates a vicious cycle where fear feeds on itself until it becomes paralyzing. The best way to deal with this before it happens is to seek out and maintain the support network of people who are attempting to meet similar goals to yours.


Practice Self-Compassion

Because our culture idealizes large scale success and “big” accomplishments, it can become easy to feel like your small achievements don’t matter. The longer you continue with this mindset, the more fear will take root in your psyche and be able to control your actions. The way around this is to practice self compassion. Self compassion means working daily to accept where you are and that you won’t be perfect. Cut yourself a break and remind yourself of the most important aspect of any new project or venture is what you learn along the way. Even when things don’t go the way you expect them to, you will continue to learn and grow from everything that you try.

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2 thoughts on “5 Tips For Managing Fear

  1. I agree 100% The day I started taking a baby steps approach, I was able to handle much more than I expected. Even now, I often see “big accomplishments” happen after a series of smaller milestones. I tend to “dream big” but “do small” and the path is much more manageable, including (especially?) in times of crisis.


    • ……………This wasn’t supposed to go live for another 2 weeks!!!!!!!!! But anyway, you are succeeding, my friend, in spite of everything!


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