This is a modified version of the Coffeeshare I didn’t finish last week.

If we were having coffee, I would still be offering you lemonade or something else cool. It’s about 95° here, and currently 86° in my house. So maybe, instead of having lemonade we would go out somewhere where we have air-conditioning for a while.


Would you like to go see Ghostbusters?


We can have something to drink after.


I would tell you that I’m pretty damn proud of myself right now. It’s been a difficult couple of weeks. I have edema in my legs, and as the heat mounts, I get a lot of really uncomfortable swelling.  Because I use a wheelchair, it poolls in the back of my knees as well as my ankles, and my diuretics haven’t been helping much at all. (Though they’re still making me pee like crazy.)


So, getting in and out of bed has become about a 90 minute process involving a leg lifter that hooks around my feet because I can’t pull them up from the back of my knees anymore.


Then I’m up every third hour or so to pee and have to start the process over.


Standard procedure is for me to go on total bedrest and elevate my legs when this happens, but I haven’t been able to because my arm injuries make it too hard for me to be getting in and out bed every time I need to use the bathroom.  If I did that many bed-to-chair-to-toilet transfers in a day, I’d permanently injure myself.


My toilet seat snapped off one of its hinges last week, and it took several days of calling my landlord’s answering service to get anyone else here to fix it. Let me just tell you that when you have poor balance in the first place, are having difficulty standing because your legs are swollen, and your shoulders feel like there permanently dislocated, AND you’re running back and forth to the bathroom all day, a fucking toilet seat that slides out from under you if you put pressure on the wrong side IS NOT a fun thing to deal with.


Especially on three hours or so of sleep.


So through all this, I showed up to my sessions with my coach, took my client calls, free strategy calls, and gave free strategy tips in my FB group this week.

I’ve spent about six hours this week working with my 1:1 client to help her flesh out her book idea and figure out where she wants to go with it. That’s a bonus to the paid work we did last Saturday.

I’m SUPER EXCITED to see her make so much progress!


For my other client, I’m putting together a list of book recs and a case study of exactly how I create my blog and social media content to maximize my authority, get traffic, and keep everything on brand without exhausting myself.


Hannah and I finally came up with a concept for an underwater story.  That’s something we’ve been planning to do for years, but we kept waiting on an idea we liked.  Now we’re probably looking at a trilogy, and any spare time I’ve had has been spent developing that.


Basically I kick ass at life and am the most committed person in existence, because what I WANTED to do these last couple weeks was sit in front of a fan and cry.


If I told you this, you’d probably be yelling at me to go to the doctor, so I’ll just say:


They’re not going to do anything except tell me to elevate my legs and stay in bed.

I don’t qualify for additional long term in home services and the process of getting short term services takes so long that by the time I qualified, the swelling would go away on its own because I the weather will cool.


I’m looking for a new piece of furniture that I can use to elevate my legs; the problem is that most footstools are just too high for me to lift my legs onto and so present the same difficulty.  If I have to keep using my arms/leg lifter to lift my legs up and down, I’ll hurt myself anyway.


Right now I’ve got a laundry basket piled with bags of winter clothes I was going to donate.  It’s not actually high enough to prevent the pooling issue, but it’s better than nothing.  I’ll be holding onto the winter clothes for a while.  So much for the “declutter your life and everything will be better” theory.



If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve moved my Coffeeshare to my business blog because I feel like it needs a bit more of a personal touch.  I’ll be alternating between here and my author site depending on subject matter.



I accidentally published two posts here that were meant to go live next week and the week after.  SO I’ll be adding content and images to those and probably linking to them again.


There are some new self-care posts up on Hardcore Hope, but I haven’t been doing much promotion.  I’ll make up for it once the rest of my life slows down.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.





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