Journalshare FAQs

Who is #Journalshare for?

Journalshare is a weekly journaling event for any creative woman who enjoys introspective writing, art, or wants an easy way to try journaling in a supportive environment.

I found this after the start date. Can I still join?

Yes. There are no restrictions on when you can join.

Do I need to participate every week?

While the goal is for you to participate weekly, there will never be pressure or hard feelings if you miss a few weeks here and there.

Do I need to have a blog?

You need to have a way to share your posts. You can do this either by linking to a post on a blog or website or by sharing them in my Facebook Group, Empowered Creative Women.


Are there prompts or directions?


I’ll be adding prompts and optional weekly activities as we go along, but none of these are mandatory.  Journalshare is freeform and self-directed, meaning that you do what you want, the way you want it.  To participate, just post on your blog or social media and include the following somewhere in your post:  This post was created as part of a weekly #Journalshare hosted on the EGC blog. (

Can we have our own Facebook Group? What about a weekly Twitter chat or Group Call?

These are great ideas but they’re currently outside the scope of what I can offer for Journalshare.  If you’d like to connect with one another privately or use the threads in the Empowered Women group to chat, feel free.

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