About The Blog


The EGC blog is a lifestyle and personal development blog, focused on ways to use the arts and self-reflection to heal from trauma.

  • Are you an abuse survivor struggling to live the life you want?
  • Do you feel you’re fighting an uphill battle to do the things that everyone else takes for granted?
  • Do you have a million creative interests but can’t focus your talents or figure out how to profit from your passions? Are you tired of being told to just pick one and be like everyone else?

I have been in your shoes!

  • I was born with cerebral palsy,
  • lived through physical, emotional, and sexual abuse from childhood until I was 19,
  • Then I married a man who refused to let me out of his sight for more than 15 minutes!
  • When I left, I became homeless.

After six months, I got into a transitional housing program and was accepted to college.

I was totally unprepared.  I struggled through college with no idea how to set goals, manage my time, or find the supports I needed.

I started blogging to share those experiences and offer tools and resources around goal setting, productivity, and “life management” as I learned them.


Three things kept me going through all of my struggles and hard times.

Stories–I write science fiction, fantasy, and horror for women and LGBTQ folks.  I read all the things.  Occasionally write about them.

Music–Motley Crue.  Billy Joel.  Elton John.  Delain.  Garth Brooks.  I do all the music, all the time.  Occasionally share what I’m listening to and what I think about music trends.

Art–I started exploring digital art in my 20s.  At 40, it’s a major part of my mental health routine.   I share a ton of art here, and most of it started as a way to express and process emotions related to trauma.


Now I’ve written and published multiple books, created a huge online library of free to use graphic art resources.

I’ve helped female entrepreneurs and emerging authors hone their talents and increase their online credibility.


These days I’m designing and selling my own art products, design resources, and greeting cards.

This blog is where I write about my life and share tips, tricks, and tools for accomplishing your goals and living the life you want.  If you’d like accountability and personalized support, you can join my Facebook group, Live the Life You Want.

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