Books: The Foxes of Synn

1.  Fox Hunting-Diana Malimore only wants to find a nameday gift for her father.  Drake Ahearn and the Thieves’ Guild suspect her of skipping out on her dues.  Diana narrowly escapes the Guild’s enforcer, but not before she learns of a new treasure that the Guild is planning to steal–one that Diana wants for herself!

2. Giving Best-Cleo Malimore must prove her mettle in her first test as her father’s Ranger when she discovers a pair of magic poachers menacing the forests beyond Castle Malimore.  When Reynard is captured, Cleo is forced to rely on her fox-gifts: trickery, treachery, and magic!

3. Doubling Back: Part 1-Aldra Malimore’s hope for a career as a sorcery scholar is over. Now, she’s working as waitress in the capital city of Arcanion and trying to resist the strange pull she feels toward Sorrell DeGray. When she stumbles on a thief with advanced technology that mimics the behavior of Synn’s color magic, it’s Sorrell she must turn to. But will trusting Sorrell be a mistake or a new beginning?

In this penultimate installment of the Foxes of Synn Summer Serial, science and sorcery clash and doors to new futures swing open. Come along for the ride!

4. Doubling Back: Part 2: Aldra Malimore is having a horrible day. All she wants is to track the mercenary who’s been intimidating her friends. But she’s been sucked into a bar brawl, hit in the head, discovered magic poachers are targeting foxes in Arcanion, and things only get worse from there! Can she rescue the poachers’ latest victim and find a way to stop the mercenary?

In this final installment of the Foxes of Synn Summer serial event, science and sorcery lead the foxes to new discoveries and Aldra to a new beginning.


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