Hi there! Welcome to Evil Genius Creative Solutions.

I’m Rose, your resident Evil Genius and head of Evil Genius Creative Solutions.

I’m also a digital artist and the author of The Foxes of Synn.

This is a blog about art and being an artist in a digital age.
Things you’ll find:

  • Art–Duh.  Mine and others as I find cool things to share.
  • Art Resources–Textures, papercraft supplies, fonts, stock photography.  Things you might want when you make art.  I try to quality check before I recommend anything.
  • Blogging and business tips–Because if you’re an artist in the 21st century and you don’t want to starve, you need to know this shit.  I’ve been selling online and consulting for creatives who want to make a living since 2006.
  • Hodge podge of my life and stuff I enjoy because it’s my blog and I get bored talking about the same thing all the damn time.




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