2017 Blog Schedule

So, before 2017 gets rolling, here’s a look at what you can expect on the blog this year.
What you can expect:


  • First Monday of every month: Pop culture and story analysis. These are long-form style posts in the vein of my Disney commentaries and Star Wars stuff.
  • Mondays, In General: Weekly Art or Journal share–an excerpt from my writing journal, a stream of consciousness piece, or something from my art journal.


  • Morning-Texture Tuesday: Usually a share from my art site or something from my Flickr account
  • Afternoon-Tuesday Talk: An “as I have it” feature, informal posts about whatever is on my mind at a given time.


  • First Wednesday of the Month. ISWG-The Insecure Writer’s Support Group Blog hop posts the first Wednesday of every month. I’ve joined on and off for a few years now. 2017 will be the year I don’t flake.
  • Wednesdays, In General-Business tips. Usually related to writing, productivity, or internet and blogging tips.


  • Project updates on various initiatives and social justice efforts we’ve got going on this year.


  • Feminist Fridays are back over on Part Time Monster, and I’ll be there off and on.  Most weeks, I’ll be sharing the posts!
  • Freebie Friday: Graphic resources, printable downloads, and more to keep your multipassionate hearts happy.



  • #WeekendCoffeeshare (as I’m able.) The Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Part Time Monster.

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