Carrie and Debbie.jpg

Somewhere in my brain there’s this idea about a crossover fanfic between MOTU/POP and Star Wars.  It’s been lurking there for years, maybe since I was a kid.  At some point I realized the twins on both series have a lot in common.

I made a career decision to get out of SW fanfiction when Disney bought the franchise.  Copyright issues are already complicated and Disney is always an ass to fan writers.


Basically, I’m out of fanfiction altogether at this point, just for sheer lack of time to give it and all of my fandoms (except Star Wars) being sort of dormant, or at least the people who mattered to me have moved on.


So, these evoked that idea, but it wasn’t intentional.  Like I didn’t sit down and go “I’m going to make some stuff that feels like a crossover between Star Wars and MOTU/POP.”

But that’s how it came out.


These were an experiment with Designshards.com brushes, but I realized halfway through I was using the wrong set for the effect I wanted.  So I’ll have to try this again for next week.


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