For Monday, January 2.

This is what happened in my brain when I heard that Carrie Fisher died.  I do this sort of thing with my art quite a lot and it’s both meditative and a way, to process things before I have words.

Words are vitally important to me as an author, and for years they were my default way to try to process and express emotions.  My journals become fragmented and nonsensical when that happens–nonsensical to the point of being useless and frustrating to me because I can’t string words together.


I’ve done some more traditional art journalling but these are where my soul goes–these sets of images built one on the other.

I sell a lot of them later, but I don’t know if I will with these.

The first one is the base image, made in Photoshop Elements.  The rest are all created from layering recycled images I keep in a folder on top of the base and playing around with gradients.

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