Premade Book Cover: Fascinate

premade romance book cover woman in green and purple hat

This is a premade ebook cover with two variations.

My premade covers aren’t templates.  Once you make this purchase, the design and all variants are retired.  They’ll stay on my site, but won’t be sold to anyone else.  I will also publish your finished covers (free advertising for your books.)




You may purchase one cover or both to use in a series.

Price: $60 first cover.


  • 1 Cover in high resolution (2400×3600)
  • Change Text (no font or ornament changes)


  • Alter fonts: $10
  • Change colors: N/A
  • Additional covers in same series: $50 each
  • Buy Variant Covers: $75 each
  • Buy Blank Background: $10

Order info:


One thought on “Premade Book Cover: Fascinate

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