A Note to the Church

It’s sad that I’m a Christian, and yet when someone tells me they’re a Christian writing about their faith or Christian life, I worry whether I should even attempt to go to their website.  I cringe because I’m waiting for the judgment that almost always vomits off of so-called “Christian” sites.my-reading-and-writing-journey

My grandmother’s in her 90s. A lifelong Catholic. This November, her daughter married another woman. You know what my grandmother did? She went to the wedding and danced.
If a 90-year-old woman can dance at a gay wedding, you can learn to treat people with grace and kindness today.

9 thoughts on “A Note to the Church

  1. There’s a key difference – your grandmother truly loved her daughter. In Christian circles, the concept of “love” is often a metaphor that goes like this: “just as it would be unloving for John to let his toddler stick objects into a socket and just sit back and watch him get electrocuted, it’s unloving to not tell someone that their sin is a one-way express ticket to eternal torment.” The loving thing to do, therefore, is to tell the truth like it is – or how their pastors have twisted the Bible on such matters – it’s difficult to tell the difference. They’ve forgotten that 1 Corinthians 13 tells them that love paints a very different picture.

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    • I’m familiar with Christian circles and the kind of metaphor you’re describing. They’re immensely damaging. I prefer live (and ground my blog) in reality where adults can make their own decisions and God can handle being God.

      I consider myself fortunate to have had my grandparents as examples.

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      • You’re quite lucky indeed. I doubt that either set of my grandparents would have been able to accept such a union, let alone attend the event and enjoy the festivities. Clinging to tradition is safe and easy and it’s all they’ve ever known.

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