#WeekendCoffeeshare: There’s a Dragon In My Head

If we were having coffee, I would meet you out somewhere because my cupboards are bare. This is the fourth week in a row that my homecare provider has no-showed. I’ve been on the phone with the agency that provides the service but they aren’t much help and don’t seem to grasp that I’m genuinely dependent on the workers for basic housekeeping, food, and errands.

So, I’d be glad to see you and enjoy a few minutes of normalcy while we shared our coffee. I would tell you about this story idea that showed up, fully formed, in my head recently.

It’s kind of a gender-reversal of the “princess in a tower/dragon keeping the maiden prisoner” trope and has elements of Beauty and the Beast but is also this complicated thing about the question of “which one is really evil?”

There’s this dragon who lives in a decrepit castle by the ocean and I guess she’d been kept prisoner there, but she escapes and goes to get revenge by taking over the neighboring kingdom and locking the two princes in a tower.

One of the princes starts out looking like the upstanding hero while the other one appears to be a jealous jerk or something. But then it turns out that the “nice” one was actually an asshole and had been bullying the younger one for years, so the younger one ends up betraying him and marrying the dragon. I woke up like “….Oh, that’s kind of cool….”

After some poking around with it, It turns out that the princes’ parents were assholes (Why does that keep happening?) and decided it would be a smart idea to keep all the magic creatures to designated areas of the kingdom. So the foxes are mostly forest foxes but they have a few people working in the city and they have this whole operation going where they sneak in and out of the designated fox villages and sabotage the public works and/or steal stuff. (There’s also apparently a small-animal resistance led by the rabbits, so the whole thing appears to be “unlikely animal alliances paired with subverted fantasy tropes.”)

Once your eyes had glazed over from listening to me talk about my story idea for ages, I’d ask how you were doing. And then I’d be confused by references to real life.

Sorry about that. My fictional worlds are the sane ones right now, so I’m living in them as much as possible. Hope you’re all having a great week.

#WeekendCoffeeshare is hosted by Diana over at Part Time Monster. Head there to link up and have another coffee.

4 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeshare: There’s a Dragon In My Head

  1. “delusions of unlikely animal alliances paired with subverted fantasy tropes.”
    that seems like the sort of thing your therapist will scribble in their little notebook whilst looking at you like you are perfectly fine while secretly taking measurements for a straitjacket
    *sips coffee*

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