carrie-3 This is a followup for last week.  Yes, I’m still on Star Wars/Carrie Fisher emotionally and I probably will be for a while.  At least these posts are pretty, right?

It took some experimenting to goet this to come out the way I wanted.  The closest one was the last one, but I’m not entirely pleased with the background.

About a year ago, I tried to explain to someone why grunge speaks to me so much, and I couldn’t quite articulate.  At least I couldn’t in a way that sounded sensible.

Grunge art is basically about taking disaparate elements and structures (shapes, splatters, cracks, what have you) and making something harmonious out of them without detracting from or taking away the decay.  It’s linked to grunge music, which had its heydey in the 90s.

Grunge music was a gamechanger, and you would think that I’d love it, but I don’t.  I was into progressive rock and glam metal (the “hair bands”) and I think the energy of glam is fused into my art, even if it’s not a “metal” aesthetic at all.  It’s all about taking something broken or ugly or evocative of decay and turning it into something glamorous or at least showy.

I couldn’t express it because all this kind of whirls around without being conscious when I go into my art programs.  But it all came into focus through the lens of Carrie Fisher’s life.

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