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As of 1/30/16, I’m tightening up the comments policy.

  • It’s important to me that all discussions remain safe, civil, and constructive. It’s cool to disagree with me.  Please support your statements with critical reasoning, not pseudoscience,  religious rhetoric, or anti-religious rhetoric.  Do not quote religious texts to support or disprove an argument.  Do not personally insult or attack anyone.
  • Please read the entire post before commenting.  I write essays.  Essays are long.  If you don’t want to read a long post, there’s plenty of shortform on other blogs.
  • Moderation is on for first time commenters.  See below for reasons your comment may not get approved.
  • It’s no longer possible for me to respond to every comment on essay posts.  I may quote and respond to any comment as part of a followup post.  If I do so I will ping you.

Here are some asshole behaviors you should avoid

  • Links in first-time comments. (Unless you are linking to a resource relevant to the content of the post.) Please don’t just show up and ask me to go read your blog or website without adding something to the discussions here.
  • Disrespectful, cruel, or prejudiced comments no matter who the target.
  • Comments that consist of nothing but a bunch of religious quotes. (No matter what the text or which side you’re arguing.)

Please understand that your opinion is not sacrosanct. and your “right to free speech” does not mean you get to say whatever the fuck you want without consequences.

One thought on “Comment Policy

  1. I forget if I commented or not, but wordpress signs me in as my blog title which sounds like spam (my name doing tarot readings), as opposed to allowing me to sign my name alone. We are still working on it in email correspondence, so maybe that is happening with others too…?

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