Technology and Civilization

Spent the last half hour trying to create a new Yahoo account to share public domain photos on Flickr.
Yahoo now requires a cell phone and “doesn’t support” landline phones. Other email providers I checked are heading the same way for new accounts.
I am regularly asked to text people photographs. No one says “Do you have a phone? Can your phone do this…?” anymore.
Cell phones are becoming a ubiquitous part of society, like “regular” phones have been for generations.
A prepaid cell can cost as little as $9.99
And yet, I consistently hear people grumbling about “the poor” having access to cell phone technology on the assumption that cell phones still cost hundreds of dollars.
“If you can afford a cell phone, you aren’t poor/don’t need help.”
Slowly but surely, we are creating a social order in which access to technology means access to civilization.
Think I’m exaggerating? Catastrophizing?
Science fiction has been predicting the future for a long time now…

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