[Textures] PixelScrapper Blog Train

I’ve recently joined pixelscrapper.com, a digiscrap community that seems to hold the same philosophy as I do about sharing resources online.  While I’m not much of a scrapper, I’ve created lots of cards and journal things using scrapping supplies over the years, so I appreciate the folks over there and the hard work they do.

February, they’re doing a blog train involving textures, so I decided to join in.

Find below, 3 texture overlays,

3600x3600px @ 300 ppi.


Usage SamplesSamples.jpg

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Download @ My CreativeMarket Store

2 thoughts on “[Textures] PixelScrapper Blog Train

  1. Great resources, thank you for the freebie. Will have a go using the digipapers. I used to do a lot of digital graphics, but have moved to paper art, however keen to get back into graphics, so thank you for sharing. Off to tweet this too xx

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