7 More Tips For Finding Blog Post Ideas


One of the most frequent questions I get about both blogging and online entrepreneurship is how to come up with fresh content on a regular basis.  “Where do you get all those post ideas?” How do you keep up your momentum? How do you plan your posts so far in advance?  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some tips that will help you generate as many ideas as you want, plan and organize a blog schedule, and spend less time on your content creation so you can do more of the things you enjoy.  (Note, I’m actually a nerd and I like creating blog content, but I realize that other people might rather be working 1:1 or reading a book.

Use monthly or weekly themes

If you have a general idea what kind post or topic you need to create, you’ll havea an easier time formulating ideas.  For example, recently I’ve been blogging about how to come up with content ideas.  I brainstormed a bunch topics related to that theme, read some articles on other blogs, and asked questions among my blog readers.  Then I put together some short posts based on what they said.

You don’t have to limit yourself with a theme week or a big event.  I  had other topics running on the blog at the same time.  I just made sure that goal setting was the thing that tied the blog together that month.

Leverage images/video for quick posts


Blog posts don’t have to be long or text heavy to be effective. Have you seen a video or infographic that you liked this week? Post a clip or image with a paragraph or 2 of commentary at the end. Remember to link back to the original source for any image content, and make sure you have legal permission to post. Don’t post another person’s copyrighted artwork or photography unless you found it on a stock site. If it’s on a stock site, link back.

Do a weekly or monthly review of a recent blog posts

Blog readers are busy just like you are.  Help them out by posting a summary of your recent articles with links to the original posts.  This is one of the easiest posts to build, and it gives you another chance to highlight your content.

Do a “Top Posts” or “Most Popular  Content” Post

Again, this is an easy post to build.  All of the writing has been done and you get to feature posts that you’re most proud of.  Even though your site may have a “featured content” section, this is your chance to add a personal touch by speaking to your readers about why these posts mattered to you.  Also “Top Posts” could be your personal favorites instead of the ones with the most hits.

Create a compilation post

Do you have several posts on the same topic or theme? Create a post that highlights all your previous articles with relevant quotes and images

Take advantage of “Silent” post events like “Wordless Wednesday.”

There are several popular post events where the idea is to post images or other “silent” content.  WordPress  also has a weekly photography challenge.  These are popular in the blogosphere, and if you can’t find one that fits your blog schedule, make up your own!

Use writing prompts and participate in blogging events

You can find a ton of free prompts by searching “writing prompts” or “journal prompts.”  The Daily Post has a new prompt every day, and they offer an ebook with 365 prompts for you to use whenever you want.  They also have a directory of blogging events which are usually themed challenges hosted by other bloggers.

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