Bat Princess Logo Concepts

Hey, folks.  You may have noticed the blog has been a bit sparse lately.  There was a death in my family in February, and (unrelated)  I’ve done some serious damage to my shoulder.  So, I’ve been having trouble moving my arms or tilting my head back to take pain medication.

Today I discovered that the best way to swallow medicine is to hold a drink in my left hand, do “scarecrow position” with my right arm and tilt my head at slight angle, thus avoiding the shoulder pain long enough to swallow medicine.  I’m there like “I’m pretty sure this must have happened to Batman once…”

And then I realized:

All I need is a few billion dollars.  I’ve already proven I have the ingenuity and pain tolerance to be Batman.

I’ve decided to put the cart before the horse here and start developing my superhero persona right now.


Here are some logo concepts.  Which is your favorite?

I love them all, and since I’m a princess I may just get myself coordinated costumes.

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