Newsflash: If You Don’t Want To Watch The Dirty Dancing Remake, You Don’t Have To.

So, Abigail Breslin is starring in a remake of the iconic 80s movie, Dirty Dancing.  Now, Dirty Dancing is a cornerstone of my childhood.  For good and bad.  I liked it the first 12 or so times.  Then my sister started watching it every day for years.  Now it’s like torture.  Despite my ongoing fantasy affair with Patrick Swayze.


However, I will be catching this remake.  It looks good.  I like that Ms. Breslin isn’t overly sexualized and doesn’t appear to have tried to drastically alter her body size/shape for this role.

It looks to me like well done remake, a “love letter,” if you will, to the original.

However, if you object to the existence of the remake, you’re perfectly entitled to watch something else.

Just stop WHINING about it.


Literally EVERY time there is a remake of a popular movie, people start going, “WHYYY? WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS? WHY CAN’T PEOPLE JUST WATCH THE ORIGINALLLLLLLLLL? THIS IS SO WRONG!”

Here’s why.

Because the movie is from the 80s and it’s dated and hardly anybody under 30 knows who Patrick Swayze is anymore.

The same reasons any movie gets remade.  When it starts to feel dated, audiences start to codify it as irrelevant, out-of-touch, old fashioned.  It doesn’t matter if you watched it and thought it was a timeless story.

Technology in film making has changed.  Editing has changed.  Modes of storytelling have changed.  Things get remade because there was something to them the first time, and filmmakers don’t want that to be lost.  (And yes, because there’s more money to be made.)

Also, I’d wager, because abortion is a hot issue right now, and if you’ll recall, abortion is the catalyst for everything in Dirty Dancing.


It’s not “wrong” or morally objectionable to remake a popular movie.  It doesn’t damage or take away from your experience of the original; it just opens the story up to a wider audience,  who may enjoy or get something out of this particular version of the story that they wouldn’t get from the original–who may learn or experience whatever you got out of the original, in a way they wouldn’t have otherwise.

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And maybe, right now, we need a movie that reminds people what abortions were like in the 50s, that isn’t just a political piece.  Because sometimes people want to be entertained and that’s not wrong either.