Is This Feminist? George Perez’ Wonder Woman


Hannah Reads Books

Wonder Woman by George Perez OmnibusA couple of months ago, I posted about Grant Morrison’s version of Wonder Woman and how it kind of tried to be feminist but wasn’t. I’ve posted quite a bit about feminist themes in other books, too, but I’d like to make “Is This Feminist?” a regular thing, and I’m starting with some more Wonder Woman — the Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus Vol. 1 I reviewed earlier this week for Classics Club. I loved it for the art and excellent writing, but it’s also a much more nuanced treatment of feminism despite not using the word.

In this origin story — the 1986 reboot that kicked off the modern era of Wonder Woman — the Amazons are a project of several female goddesses to help bring peace to the world. They have something of a special connection to Gaea, and next to the active goddesses, but worship the whole…

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