Art Share: Help, I’m Stuck 2


This is both an art share and a texture resource recommendation.  Like last week, the pieces I’m sharing includes high res grunge textures created from paper scans and inkstamping.  They’re from the same batch of doodles as last week, just a way to get my mind to loosen up.


The base here is from this set of paper textures, while the splatters and grungier elements of  came from this set of inkstamp grunge textures.  Most of the other detail is my own work, added with my go to grunge brushes.

For this I was playing around with the base file to get a softer look.


I confess, as much as I try to make soft grunge stuff, I’m always more drawn to the heavy grunge pieces with lots of detail.  However, both textureswill be useful depending on the look and style of grunge that I’m trying to achieve.  Next week, we’ll see what happens when I combine them with the splatter paint piece I shared earlier in the month.

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