Hi!(And A Free Blogging Calendar)

Hey babycakes

Hi everyone! Starting today, I’m participating in #100DayBloggingChallenge, which is hosted by my friend and fellow blogger Amanda Northern. So I wanted to reintroduce myself, since we’ll be getting some new traffic on the blog.


I’m Rose, and the most important thing you need to know about me is that I love princesses. I’m the author of the science fantasy serial The Foxes of Synn. I’m an artist, and advocate for women and children, and a card-carrying geek.


I started this blog to help other women embrace their whole selves and their creative passions. I believe that art and creativity are deeply connected to the rest of our lives and experiences, and that in order to fully experience and express your creative passions, you have to explore life where it meets you.


So, I blog about a whole variety of topics, but it always comes back to helping women see themselves as powerful beings who can accomplish the things that they really want by sharing my own journey as a creative and a business person.


I hope you’ll join me here in the coming weeks, and got me a comment to introduce yourself and let me know where you blog.


Oh, and before I sign off!

Blog planning sheet 2

If you need a quick and easy way to keep track of your blog post ideas and get them scheduled, check out my free blog post planning calendar

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